Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Namibian poachers laugh their way out of court

Four men were found guilty in the Katima Mulilo District Court on 11 February on four counts of hunting of protected game and possession or dealing with elephant tusks. They were also found guilty on two counts of possession of ammunition without a firearm capable of firing said ammunition and possession of a fire arm without a valid license. They pleaded guilty to all charges. They were arrested on separate occasions in different villages in the eastern Caprivi.Lubasi Elvis Lubasi (32), Mwemba Brendan (36), Sililo Samwele Rodricks (32) and Duscan Nyambe Liwakala (38) were found guilty on counts 1 and 2. Liwakala was also found guilty of being in possession of ammunition (four bullets) without being in lawful possession of a fire arm capable of firing said ammunition. On count one the accused were sentenced to four years imprisonment without an option of paying a fine and on count two to one year imprisonment without a fine. Liwakala was charged and was given an option of paying a fine of N$500 or spend three months behind bars on count three and to N$2000 or 12 months in jail on count four.All the accused poachers conducted their own defenses, while the state was represented by public prosecutor Roger Sibungo. Source: Informate.com (Namibia)

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