Friday, February 27, 2015

ZimParks recovers $50 000 worth of elephant tusks from suspected Zambian poachers

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) ambushed 12 suspected poachers from Zambia and recovered almost $50 000 worth of elephant tusks in a recent operation in Katombora, Zambezi National Parks’ Mdhaka area. ZimParks public relations manager Caroline Washaya-Moyo said the success of the operation was achieved through regional collaborations with rangers from neighbouring countries. “However the suspects, believed to be Zambian nationals, fled leaving behind the 29 tusks which weighed 297,3kg and valued at $47 468, a giraffe tail, digital scale and some food items,” she said in a statement. Investigations were in progress including another case in which two rhinos, one female and a calf, were poached in Save Valley Conservancy. Both had all their horns removed. Recently, two poachers were shot and killed by ZimParks rangers during an armed contact in the Kapungashiri area on the southern boundary of Matusadonha National Park. Rangers who were on patrol in the area were alerted by two heavy calibre gunshots which led them to three poachers who opened fire. During the shootout two of the poachers were killed while the third one escaped unhurt. Poaching remains a threat in the country’s vast game parks as long as there is a ready market for ivory and rhino horn. Stakeholders have called for stiffer penalties to deter poachers. Source: Newsday

Monday, February 2, 2015

France blocks importation of Zim baby elephants, pushes for Eu-wide ban

30th January 2015 Further to our last report where we stated that we were refused police clearance to have our demonstration on the 27th January, our ZCTF colleague Kennesias Dambakurima went to deliver some documents on Wednesday. The documents consisted of various letters written by world-renown conservationists as well as our petition. He and some reporters tried to deliver them to the Minister of Environment but they were chased out and almost beaten up. The secretary stated that he was not interested in any letters or documents. He then tried to deliver them to the Permanent Secretary but he also refused to accept them. Eventually, he approached the Minister of Tourism and his secretary accepted them. Yesterday (Thursday) I went with Kenny to deliver the documents to the various opposition parties who accepted them. The President of MDC United, Mrs Holland tabled the problem in parliament to be debated next week. The Minister of Ecology in France had a meeting with NGOs and conservationists and they decided that no further animals will be imported into France from Zimbabwe along with a vow to promote a European Union-wide ban. We would like to sincerely thank the minister for taking this stance. There are 36 elephants held captive and 27 of these and two baby lions have been vetted and found to be in good physical and medical condition to be exported to China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The animals are still being held in three separate bomas at the Mtshibi Camp Cantonment area inside Hwange National Park awaiting export on an unknown date. Source: ZCTF press release/ Additional information by AEP