Friday, December 14, 2012

Tanzanian safari operators boost anti-poaching operations

A GROUP of 10 hunting operators donated equipment worth 42m/- to boost anti-poaching campaigns in the country. In the meantime, the companies made special request to the government to increase the hunting period from five to around 20 years, which could be considerable for the firms to invest in key infrastructures like roads and bridges for easy access into the wildlife areas. Northern Hunting Enterprise (T) Limited Managing Director, Muhsin Abdallah, made the plea on behalf of the 10 hunting firms at Rungwa Game Reserve, Kizigo/Muhuwesi Game Reserve and Ecosystem, during the handing over ceremony in Dar es Salaam. The facilities donated include 15 tyres and three batteries for anti-poaching vehicles, 12 Australian made front and rear shock absorbers, one injector pump, six injector nozzles, 10 tents, two satellite phones and 10,000 litres of diesel. The companies which made the donation are Northern Hunting Enterprises (T), Palahala Safaris, Rungwa Game Safaris, Wembere Hunting Safaris, Robin Hurt Safaris, Bushman Safaris, Marera Safaris, African Buffalo Trackers, TAWICO and Wildfoot Prints. "Conducting patrols in the country's wildlife which is approximately 120,000 kms, requires enough budget and incentives to the game wardens...this fact that calls for all stakeholders to team up against the ravaging malpractice," he said. To increase patrols in wildlife areas. Mr Muhsin said his firm and other two counterparts have ordered three helicopters to facilitate the surveillance in Rungwa Game Reserve, Kizigo/ Muhuwesi Game Reserve and Ecosystem. "Conservation of wildlife resources has become an expensive undertaking due to the vastness of the area, as well as the increasing demand of the trophies from some Asian countries," he said. Manager of the Rungwa Game Reserve, the second after Selous, Mr Julius Kibebe said according to international standards, each game warden is supposed to patrol an area of about 25 kms but due to insufficient human and financial resources they oversee a region of between 280 and 300 square kms. Deputy Assistant Director of Wildlife Division Twaha Twaibu pleaded for cooperation from all citizens to reveal the poachers. He challenged other companies which secured hunting blocks in the period of 2013-18 to emulate their colleagues in support of the government efforts to protect the wildlife for the present and future generations. Source: Tanzania Daily News

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