Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mozambican probes 50 alleged ivory crates

The Mozambican tax authorities are investigating 50 containers loaded of wood following a denouncing that they might contain wood prohibited by the Mozambican law to be exported, the Maputo daily paper Noticias reports Saturday.

The interdiction of those containers, which were ready to be shipped in the Maputo port, will last until the investigation is concluded in an operation that includes the police, agriculture experts and the owner of the cargo, said the paper.

The police says it received an anonyms report this week saying that unspecified quantities of wood is about to be illegally exported through the port of Maputo, and it allegedly includes tips of ivory and horns of rhinos.

The Maputo daily Noticias says it received a similar report which said that first class wood is to be illegally exported when only processed wood is allowed to be exported according to Mozambican laws.

On Friday night, the communications and image director of the tax authorities together with police authorities and representatives of the agriculture confirmed that the verification in the containers would start on Saturday morning.

According to Noticias, authorities received the report last Sunday and till then they were still in the process of negotiating and changing correspondences with involved authorities from the agriculture ministry that is when the Maputo port managers decided to allowed investigations.

The first investigations resulted in the discovery of wood logs, for that fundamental reason, the 50 containers will now be investigated for further details.

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