Monday, May 23, 2011

Sh500 million ivory haul intercepted at Uganda's Entebbe Airport

By Jean Ankunda

Uganda’s tourism industry continues to suffer from poaching as the illegal trade in products from the endangered species, especially elephants, increases.

Just last week, customs, Civil Aviation Authority and security officers seized five kilogrammes of ivory at Entebbe International Airport that was being smuggled out of the country by a Chinese national.

Mr. Lu Guowei, who had been booked on an Emirates flight to Dubai, was in possession of an illegal consignment estimated at Shs500 million. Guowei had 30 pieces of processed ivory including seven pendants, four chop sticks, four sculptures, two necklaces, four beaded bangles, five molded pieces, three oval pieces and a comb.

It is estimated that to get the five kilogrammes of ivory, at least two to three elephants must have been killed. Elephants are protected under an Appendix I listing of Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) law, with international trade for commercial purposes being strictly prohibited.

Within a period of about two months, about four cases of a similar nature have been reported which indicates an increase in poaching.

Elephants can be spotted on Uganda wildlife safaris that take you to the various national parks in the country that host a good number of these huge animals which can easily be seen.

Source: Uganda Safari & Travel News.

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